Bunion & Hammer Toe Treatments in St. Catharines

Symptoms and Conditions:

Bony bump on inside of big toe joint, may be red and often painful, especially when wearing tight or high-heeled shoes


Bunion or hallux valgus

Symptoms and Conditions:

  • Contracted toes often the second toe but may be any of the other toes
  • Often develop a growth of hard skin on the top of the joint; may be on the end of the toe that can often be painful


Hammer toe deformity with formation of corn on prominent area of toe


  • Evaluation of the cause of the deformity
  • Advice on proper shoe gear
  • May need orthotics to balance the feet and arches to reduce stress on the joints of the big toe and smaller toes
  • Balance the toes to reduce the deformities, possibly with braces for the toes
  • May need surgery to correct severe cases

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