Diabetic Foot Problem Treatments in St. Catharines

Symptoms and Conditions:

  • Nail, corn and callus problems can be more severe in diabetics due to the other conditions affecting diabetics
  • These problems include poor circulation, slower healing, less resistance to infection, and a gradual loss of sensation that often affect diabetics
  • These problems can often lead to corns and calluses that may not hurt and can become infected
  • Declining eyesight that is also common with diabetics can lead to injuries when people can’t see well enough to care for their own feet


  • Advice on proper shoe gear
  • Correction of ingrown toenails, bunions and hammer toes
  • Supports or orthotics for shoes to help correct orthopedic problems, or to help balance the feet to reduce the pressure on corns and calluses
  • Treatment for neuropathy
  • Professional, routine foot care, without causing any injuries, when the patients are unable to care for their feet properly
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